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Main Features:
1.Smart Remote Control Function to satisfy different Customer use.
3 Main Lighting mode as below:
-Constant Brightness all the time (100%/60%/30%/10%)
-Dim lighting + Motion sensor (30 seconds 60% High brightness)
-Timer lighting Mode (6 Option)
2. Adaptive Lighting System (ALS) to achieve all night lighting when weather change. Constant current output!
3. Variable Frequency Technology (VFT) to control and adjust the LED driver frequency to reach the max output of LED and Battery.
4 Temperature Control System (TCS) to protect the battery charging and discharging in high temperature.
5. 10 hour full charge the battery by standard Sunlight, once the battery are full charged, it can support 3 night lighting.
6. SSC LED chip, 160 lumen/W